Love: a message from cows to humans

Nov 28, 15 Love: a message from cows to humans

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Dennis, a friend of Damanhur and former participant in the New Life program, was at the Prima Stalla agritourism and farm, and Gnu, one of the Damanhur farmers, asked him to communicate with the cows. Dennis has been experimenting with animal communication since he was 15 years old, and he has been healing animals for 25 years, particularly working with race horses in his home country of Norway.

He was pleasantly surprised with the message, which was received while writing with the Penself, with a Selfic structure applied to a pen for automatic writing.

Here is the conversation…

cow1Dennis: Hello there. How are you?

Cows: Who are you who wants to know, may we ask?

Dennis: Your people have asked me to contact you. 

Cows: Our people. Strange way of putting it. We suggest that you first get “in contact” with them, which is not very easy. They are in their own bubble. We here call it the “busy bubble.” If you can open up that bubble, we would be very grateful. We love these people so very much. We want to see them “being alive.” It appears to us as if they have given up love! It is not possible to live without love. We love. We are love. Humans are love too. You seem to have forgotten. You “know” too much. It fills your head. The heart is more important. The heart knows always what is needed.

Dennis: Thank you. You fill my heart with love.

Cows: Thank you for “knowing” this. We wish you luck in your life.


cow2Thank you Dennis, for your sensitivity and sharing. At Damanhur, sustainability means feeling connected with all living beings around us, including animals, making an effort to listen to their needs and wisdom, and spiritual technologies can be a helpful support for the process.

About the “busy bubble” and “knowing” too much, these are points of attention that all Damanhurians are aware of. Although, we definitely haven’t renounced love! 🙂





  1. Dennis /

    What came down is the Message, how we interpret it can be discussed. It is best to read it with heart,and listen.
    It is a very strong Message and ought to be taken seriously.
    Go within and find yourself, is my suggestion.
    My question is: What is in the busy bubble? Are there more lawyers? And if so, what?

    • Hi Dennis! Thanks again for your contribution. Inside is the mission… And we will do our best to realize it with love.

  2. Dennis /

    Will you see yourself? The one you really are. That, that was before name and knowledge?