Immersion in the community

Dec 15, 15 Immersion in the community

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Benjamin from Australia continues sharing about his Amine’ experience, discovering Damanhur in 10 days of full immersion.

We were greeted by one of the administrators of Damanhur to talk about how they function on a practical and governance level. This subject was of particular interest to me, as I recognized that sustainability on this level is only possible with a strong set of guiding principles that all residents were aligned with, and with powerful tools for decision making, leadership and problem resolution. One thing that had become clear to me since my arrival is that one system does not fit all situations, and another is that Damanhur had to continually refine their system based upon the size and scope of their community in each time period.

imageAt the very core of Damanhur is the Constitution. The is a set of principles that guide their intent, and they are not negotiable for people who would like to become citizens. It was very interesting to hear that this document had actually become smaller over the years. The Damanhurian explained that the most powerful principles are those that are applied by the citizens themselves. They later added a concept called “personal laws,” which I found to be a terrific idea. All personal laws are put on public record, in accordance with an important value for the Damanhurians, which is transparency.

There are two, sometimes three, King/Queen guides who take care of the practical problem solving of the community. The King/Queen Guides have a number of collaborators who do much of the practical work, so the Guides are freed up to focus on solving problems and bringing the vision to fruition.

At a local level, there are territories or regions that are made up of a number of nucleos, and each region has a Captain that looks after particular matters relating to that region. The Captain is elected by all the Damanhurians in that region each year. The next level of leadership is that of the nucleo head, called the Regent or Caponucleo, who is also elected once per year by all of the residentcommunitys of the nucleo, and is responsible for proposing the program of activities and budgeting, as well as other matters relating to the nucleo.

I felt like I had a hundred questions that I could have asked inside this conversation. However, the woman had a real flow and seemed more interested in communicating the intent of the citizens inside this structure. She was quite an inspired speaker, and she communicated well about the sense of community that lives in the hearts of the citizens, which is the real reason that makes everything work.

That night, we stayed at home and socialized with our Amine’ friends and a gentleman named Eddie, who is a Damanhurian and originally from the USA. After a rich conversation with Eddie and Floren, who is our Amine’ friend staying at Magilla, I retired to bed for the day, satisfied with another interesting and fruitful journey.