Sharing community and magic in Poland

Dec 24, 15 Sharing community and magic in Poland

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Arletta opened her life to magic and inspiration during the 10 day Amine’ program and decided to share about Damanhur with others in her home country Poland. 

When I was in Damanhur I felt really strong energy and divinity there. I felt like I was connected with the whole cosmos. I also experienced deep connection with magic, and at the same time, acceptance of the existence of magic in our world. It gave me lots of courage and energy, and it felt like I was bringing magic into my life…

During the Amine’ program I’ve also changed my point of view about living in groups, community, cooperation with others, gaining more trust in other people. I saw that cooperation and living together is possible.

AmineAfter visiting the Temples of Humankind, I had lots of inspiration to create my life, to be an inspired creator.

I have received so much interesting, practical and deep knowledge that I decided I can’t keep it all for myself. I feel that it can help other people, so I decided to share my experience with people here in Poland. I created an event, found a nice place in Warsaw and invited as many people as possible. I had lots of information so I divided my presentation in two parts.

One part was about life in Damanhur’s communities and practical advice for creating a community that I gathered through the Amine’ program. There were some people who already have a place and friends who want to create a community, so it was really helpful for them to use it in their process. For others it was interesting to hear how you organize life in such big families and much more.

The second part was about the philosophy and magic of Damanhur. I started it with a short video and explanation of the Temples. I was also speaking about the ways of self-development and spirituality. After this part, people were really enchanted.


I was speaking with one young woman and she was really touched by all that I had said and shown. She intuitively makes copper spiral bracelets, similar to Selfica, and lately, she has even bought small bottles to pour magical liquid within to attach to the bracelets. She also contacts trees and nature spirits. She hasn’t been sharing this with her friends because she thought that it was only her imagination, but after my presentation, she felt at home. She said that now she knows that it is right, and she had the impression that all her memories came back. It was a really deep, powerful experience for her!

I love speaking about interesting things, however, it was my first time with more than 30 people. I loved it!

Love and magic,