From Australia to Destination Damanhur

Dec 10, 15 From Australia to Destination Damanhur

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Benjamin RavenHawk, who came to Damanhur from Australia, shares his experience in this first excerpt of his writings, documenting the emotion and events of the journey…


Back in 2012 I met a woman who introduced me to Damanhur. Living in the Gold Coast area of Australia at the time, I had a vast distance to travel to experience it for myself, but the desire to visit and experience life inside of Damanhur never left me. In fact, that spark ignited into a warm flame, and when I found out about the new 10 day Amine’ program Damanhur had launched in mid 2015, I jumped at the chance to head across and get a taste of life inside of Damanhur.

When jumping into new experiences, I do my best not to have too many expectations. Being human however, there were some parts of me hoping to take away some important insights into how a successful intentional community operates, how they make decisions, how they filter the Bencorrect citizens into their community in line with their core principles, and what it feels like to be part of such a community. As you will discover as you read on, Damanhur is so much more than this. The visit took me to realms of discovery far beyond my expectations, and demonstrated to me just how much advanced knowledge, wisdom and technology exist inside Damanhur and with the Damanhurian people.


Day 1. Arrival.

It had been my dream to visit Damanhur for several years since some of their Ambassadors visited Australia and held workshops on community living and their incredible Selfica healing technologies that they have developed. When you meet Damanhurians, you are instantly greeted with a warmth and openness that is truly endearing. More so than the content of the courses that I had experienced in Australia, it was the energy of the people that was the most intriguing, and it was clear to me early on that something special is happening inside this community.

A group of us from the program met at the Ivrea train station. We packed up the car and drove for around 25 minutes until we arrived at Damjl, which is the central hub of Damanhur. The landscape was magical. Beautiful forests and hills, and like my first trip to the Byron region in Australia, I could sense a shift in the energy as we approached. I remember hearing in one of the videos I had watched online that Damanhur was built within a unique junction of Synchronic Lines that traversed through the area. dome of the Hall of WaterThe Synchronic Lines are like energetic veins upon the Earth, like an energy and information super highway that contributes to the magic experienced inside the Temples of Humankind and the deep states of consciousness that they have been able to achieve here…

For the first night, the participants stayed in several guest houses that were spread amongst the land. Damanhur had acquired several blocks of land since their inception in 1975, however not all the land was joined in one stretch. I found this very interesting, as it demonstrates that a community does not necessarily need to exist on the same piece of land. It was more than just a physical section of dirt that bonded the group together.

At dinner that night, we were served with beautiful organic vegetarian foods and a few indulged in a glass of Italian wine. All the participants made the most of the opportunity to get to know each other more, and the table was alive with laughter and conversation. As many of us were jet lagged, we headed back after dinner and tucked ourselves in to bed, ready for a big day ahead…


We’re excited to hear how the adventure continues! Stay connected to the Damanhur blog to hear more about Benjamin’s Amine’ program insights.