Synchronic Horoscope: November 27- December 3, 2016

Nov 27, 16 Synchronic Horoscope:  November 27- December 3,  2016

Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.

ARIES 3462 – Success. Decision. Courage, being and desiring. – Explore yourself. Decide who you want to be.
TAURUS 4431 – Those who guide you are listening to you. Protection. Not yet perfection.- You are not alone!
GEMINI 6353 -Unexpected news. Pleasant. Human being – being human. – Fear is not for you.
CANCER 3413 – The journey is not propitious. Like the ritual during the full moon, so is the seed at the new moon. Wait. – Do not try to walk longer steps than you can now.
LEO 6441 – Flying. It is positive. The reading of your name. Meeting point. – Anagram – Indication.
VIRGO 6211 – Metal. Today it is synchronic for you. Time of meditation and astral traveling. – Synchronic bracelet.
LIBRA 3334 – Balance is the golden mean. You are protected. Every effort will be rewarded. The right duty is Sattvic.- Learning, new and ancient. Read. Laws.
SCORPIO 5512 – Why should you not be happy? Clear water lets the ray of sunlight go through. – Purity of soul, small harmonious things.
SAGITTARIUS 3451 -Everything hasn’t always been like this. Even your horse was once wild, and now it has been tamed. Education. -Do not forget, out of superficiality, that things were not always like this.
CAPRICORN 6424 – Closing Synchrodoor. Re-opening by chance. Science through the Rite. -Rituals in order to change.
AQUARIUS 1261 – Why don’t you smile? Inside, the reason, happiness. – Yet, you know how to live, and you have done it, each of your years.
PISCES 6125 – Fragrance precedes taste. Difficult journey. Synchronic chance happenings. – A Chance‚ is playing with you. Comprehend.

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