Sep 28, 10 2012

I often hear guests who come to Damanhur asking Falco and others about 2012: what we think about it, what will happen, what we’re doing to prepare for it. I’m opening this page so that we can openly discuss these and similar questions, and listen to the perspectives around this hot and timely topic.

Below is an article on 2012 written by Stambecco Pesco and published a few years ago, that gives some insight about the astronomical and planetary theories being considered regarding this time period:

Many signs are indicating that in the year 2012, our planet’s equilibrium could become unbalanced. This prediction is based on a theory about a series of planetary alignments, the most precise of which have occurred within the last twenty-six thousand years, from when the Equinoxes have progressively moved in the same direction, correlating with a peak in solar activity.

The solar system has entered an area of our galaxy characterized by a current of energy much more intense in comparison with the rest of the galaxy. This flow has created various new changes. It is evident that the planets of our solar system are reacting to these changes and that the temperature is increasing on the planets. Another fascinating occurrence is that we are on the cusp of an inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth.

There is a theory that, in correspondence with these astronomical alignments, small variations in gravity could trigger this inversion. The earth would consequently loose the magnetic shield that normally deflects solar particles, and this would occur in a period of maximum solar activity.

As usual, we are not fearful about the inevitability of these events, since it is not yet certain that these changes will actually occur. Although, we do believe it is best to prepare for the possibility of an emergency, both for ourselves and for others. Well-organized communities can serve as very valuable points of solidarity and hope in case of a crisis.

What is certain, beyond the eventual physical repercussions on planet Earth, is that a shift of the center of the galaxy will take place by 2012. By that date, the position of the sun will change, coinciding with events that will move us from the center of the galaxy. The vital energies that make our world function will decrease and will dramatically change the equilibrium of the planet.

This means that there will be an interruption of the Synchronic Lines* that connect our planet to the sun and, more generally, to the solar system with other stellar systems. This is not completely new, as the connection between the earth and sun has been weakened in the past for long periods of time, although a disconnection between the sun and the systems outside of it has not occurred before. Through the instruments of spiritual physics (temporal satellites**, Selfic structures), we are working to understand how this will happen and what consequences it will have for our planet.

If we imagine the universe as a great river of energy, we are the fish that swim in this river, in this complex cocktail of particles that emerges from a source defined as one of the heart centers of the galaxy. According to my research, the galaxy has four “hearts,” or four main points that maintain an equilibrium of energetic function.

Now, with the weakening of synchronic connections inside of and outside of our system, it is similar to draining the water in which we are swimming. Additionally, we are not certain how long this will be happening. What we do know is that synchronic functions are cumulative, so it is possible to prepare for this occurrence, to gather particles that are not saturated with events, which can be accumulated and organized.

In summary, it is not necessarily true that in 2012, there will be an immanent catastrophe. Anomalous situations are sure to occur, although we can be prepared to face them. On the practical side, organized communities can be useful structures to respond to these changes.

to be able to these changes. In the area of research and energetic progress, developing our mediumistic abilities to connect with other dimensions will also be necessary in the future that awaits us.

* The Synchronic Lines are great rivers of energy that form connections between the stars, galaxies and planets where life is present. Thoughts, information and dreams run along these lines. The Earth is wrapped with a grid of 18 main lines that connect at the poles of the planet, and from there, extend toward other points of the universe.

** Temporal satellites are made of experimental Selfic structures that explore the ramifications of time, monitoring points of separation and the relationship between events.





  1. Bernard /

    Showing an interest in 2012 is simply demonstrating a gross materialistic mindset.
    Believing in a “2012 prophesy” is to believe that somewhere (in heaven?!), the whole Plan is written down with dates and full details.
    Such nonsense is the negation of the most fundamental law of evolution: human free will.
    It also shows ignorance that time does not exist in the higher spheres.
    The Plan of the Logos is very flexible, and rare – if any – are those who know when it’ll come to its completion.
    Of course, it appears indeed that in 2012, in all probability, the world will have made, or will be about to make, a huge step forward. How could it be otherwise? The old world order is fast crumbling under the influence of the powerful Aquarian energies dispensed by Maitreya, the Christ and World Teacher, Who has now started His public work, though still anonymously. The Day of declaration will follow soon, in time to prevent the suffering that the coming world economic crash would otherwise entail.
    Many Damanhurs will be born and blossom around the world.
    Eventually, the whole world will be a Damanhur.
    But why on 2012?!!!
    Let’s not wait for an illusory “glorious day” to come.
    Every single minute, HERE and NOW, is a blessing and a wonder.

  2. At Damanhur, sometimes the term “2012” is used as a shorthand way of referring to many things, such as the necessity to increase self-sufficiency in food, energy, etc. and developing ever more sustainable ways of living. There is the belief and hope that in being prepared for all kinds of situations, including ones of emergency, those situations may not necessarily come about. Preparation becomes preventative. I feel a sense of optimism about the earth-changes happening now, and I feel that other Damanhurians share in this optimism as well.

    In terms of spiritual growth, there have been, are, and will be many dynamic points in time for elevating consciousness and moving forward fast with personal and planetary evolution. I believe this is one of them, this whole epoch, and it’s ever accelerating. This process includes the year 2012, although it’s not a fixed moment or date in which this will happen. It’s already happening. And it’s very much about living in the moment, with full presence, moment after moment.

    The true nature of “time” from the perspective of the absolute is another question altogether…Could be an interesting next post. Thanks for stimulating some thoughts around this, Bernard!