Damanhur Newsletter – March 2012

Mar 14, 12 Damanhur Newsletter – March 2012
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Diversity, peoples and education

One of the enriching aspects of life at Damanhur is the value we give to cultural diversity. A recent project in the Damanhur School about the peoples of the world has brought Damanhurianchildren in costumes from cultures of the world citizens and friends from different ethnic backgrounds to the kindergarten aged kids as a means of educating and sharing culture. The ethnicities explored were selected based on those present in the community: Somalian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Peruvian and Venezuelan.

Bertuccia, a Damanhurian citizen with Somalian roots prepared African foods for lunch, creating a setting with Somalian music in the background, where everyone took off their shoes before entering, stepping over incense as they entered through the doorway to clear away negative thoughts. The kid and adults all sat on mats and ate with their hands, as is tradition in this culture.

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Damanhur in Australia
Melbourne April 13 – 18
Byron Bay April 20 – 24

koalaDamanhur Ambassadors will be holding events for first time Down Under in Australia! Join us as we explore connections on a new continent! Workshops on Inner Harmonizing, Creating a Successful Community, Atlantis, Selfic healing and more.
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Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado
May 17-22 first session

Discover your personal Mysteries: an Inner Journey of Self Discovery!
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Rite of the Oracle every full moon

The Rite of the Oracle is one of the most important ceremonies at Damanhur, the public celebration of the Answers channeled throughout the lunar month. The priestesses, called Pythies, lead us in ceremony. During the ritual a window of spiritual light opens and everyone present can feel the contact with the divine dimension.

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7 Day Visit
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Great Rituals: Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice
March 18, 2012
June 17, 2012

rose redWe invite you to join us at Damanhur for the magical time of Spring Equinox on Sunday, March 18, 2012. The celebration of Spring, reawakening of nature in all its splendor. Celebration of joy, sweetness, smiling and love. The beneficial power of the sun. We now offer a new meditation in the Temples of Humankind: the meditation for the Spring Equinox is connected to the element Ether-Thought.

When you come for the Rituals, you can participate in other programs to get to know Damanhur and to spend the night in the Temples:

March 15 – 18, 2012 Spring Equinox 3 day program
Special three day program that includes the Spring Equinox ritual and (optional) Contact with the Cosmos.

June 14 – 17, 2012 Summer Solstic 3 day program
Special three day program that includes the Summer Solstice ritual and (optional) Contact with the Cosmos.

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What your tree

What’s Your Tree: 7 Days to Purpose
Courses in April, June and August
Experience innovative and spiritually-motivated community life in Damanhur while participating in the What’s Your Tree program, co-founded by Julia Butterfly Hill, to discover and activate your life purpose. Registration and information

May 5 – June 2, 2012 

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality
thanks to the creative power of positive thought

Damanhur Open Temple

A Spiritual EcoCommunity nestled in the hills of Northern Italy that promotes a culture of peace and holistic sustainability through solidarity, respect for the environment, arts and education.


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