The Spiritual People

Mar 27, 12 The Spiritual People

Many years ago, the Damanhur Spiritual People was formed. The Spiritual People has members in many different countries; everyone who feels involved with the development of core values in the world can take part in the People. Those who take part range from people animated by spiritual faith, to ecologists, lay researchers, philosophers and artists. Many people have decided to take part in the People after having visited Damanhur. There is a short ritual to declare oneself as part of the People. Anyone can stop taking part in the People at any moment, if they don’t want to anymore. In fact, it is choice and will that keep the connection alive.

Everyone who takes part in the Spiritual People wears a colored thread on his or her wrist, as a symbol of connection yvette's Spiritual People thread braceletwith all of the others. Every morning, the members of the People renew their connection with the reservoir of energies and experiences of the People – “charging the bracelet” in Damanhurian slang – by placing the wrist on the head and keeping it there for one minute. It is a gesture that serves to direct thoughts toward all the other members of the Spiritual People, because we all know the others are doing this too. We chose to enact a gesture, not just sending out a simple thought, because involving the body is always better than just using the mind. In this way, we involve every aspect of ourselves, and we remember that we are all part of a great organism. Also, if you are in Damanhur and you see someone else with his wrist on his head, you remember right away if you have done the gesture or not, and so we help each other out in this way.