New Year’s Eve! Art. Games. Celebration.

Aug 26, 14 New Year’s Eve! Art. Games. Celebration.

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The Damanhurian New Year starts September 1st. (Find out why here.) This year, we have two full days of celebration!

Saturday August 30th is the day of the Photo of the Popolo, where we all gather to take a photo of the whole Damanhurian Popolo Spirituale. Members of the Popolo arrive from different parts of the world to participate. The photo is not just a huge portrait, even though it does popolofeel like a very big family reunion when we are all together. There is also a spiritual dimension. The photo is taken to register and demonstrate where we are as a Popolo in a point in time, in communication with the higher alliances that we take part in.

These days, we are in the annual tradition of the Horusiade, which is the Damanhurian equivalent of the Olympic games, with different regions of Damanhur forming teams and doing fun and unique competitions. The games range from theatre and imitations, eloquence, Damanhur history, telepathy, best homemade cakes and drinks with locally sourced ingredients, art projects, racing in a spiral, ‘Tricalcio’ (a three way soccer game)

This is the only Olympics in the world where you can win a prize for being the worst singer.

We will have a concert after the photo Saturday night, with many new musicians and fresh songs. Then we’ll gather again for a night photo, keeping the night alive with smaller parties around Damanhur…

That doesn’t mean we’re sleeping in on Sunday morning!

Sunday, August 31st. We’ll wake up and head for the Sacred Woods with liters of coffee and the spirit of devotion fueling our work together. We’ll have another big group photo in the woods, andWe believe in openly sharing what we have experienced and learned over the years, and we love to discover new visions of reality that can enrich our own. another singing contest. This time our ears can rest easy as we crown the best singer, each region represented by an individual or small group of singers.

In the afternoon, the classic “mercatino” (market) is going on at Damjl, where we showcase artisan products made in the community for trade. Everything from hand-painted silk scarfs, to organic peanut butter and shampoo. You can also find a great collection of books on spiritual and esoteric knowledge. We’ll have a buffet dinner and announce of the winners of the Horusiade, followed by a Ritual of Abundance.

As a final, ritual moment of the year, we’ll meet for the “Falco Stellare,” lighting candles in the form of a falcon, singing a special mantra about people who come from the stars, who are reconstructing the divine mirror of humanity with the help of true soul knowledge. It’s an intimate moment of self-reflection and brother-sisterly bonding as we gaze at the stars and begin another year, in love and unity.

Here’s a flashback to Damanhur New Year’s eve a few years ago…


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Photo of the Popolo Spirituale

Damanhur New Year’s Eve



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  1. Hey, funny that you do new year’s in september. it’s true, it’s more a time of beginning than january when nature and everything is kind of asleep.