The Horusiadi games begin!

Aug 11, 15 The Horusiadi games begin!

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It’s “Horusiadi” time at Damanhur again, for the 39th year. As we do every summer near the Damanhurian New Year (September 1st), we will soon be playing the Horusiadi – the Damanhurian summer games.

For ten days, Damanhur citizens will compete in different games and competitions that are a cross between sports, play and Damanhurian tradition. There will be races, tricalcio (three-team soccer games), “sunset” metratura exercise, theater, tug of war and more.

The opening ceremony and first competitions were held on Sunday, August 9th, and the games will close on Sunday August 30th.

At the end of the games, the winning team will be proclaimed, and they will hold the Horusiadi cup for the upcoming year.

The teams are formed tricalcio1according to Damanhur community regions and nucleo communities, joined together to create more numerous groups. So, this year the teams are:

PanGea (with nucleo communities Eco, Tiglio and Pejda)
Damjl (Damjl, Milte and AtenĂ )
Cuceglio (Aval1, Aval2, Prima Stalla, RimarĂ )
Etulte (Porta del Sole, Ognidove, Cibele, Tin, Sorgente, Sidalte)
Tentyris (Magilla, Dendera, Casa del Lago, Porta della Luna)
Vidracco (Tijal, Cornucopia, Aria, Casabelgi, Cambioidea).

Friends and guests can participate in the games, joining the various teams. So, people who are currently in the 10-day Destination Damanhur program AMINE’ can also join in the games!

Horusiadi is a tradition that started in the early years of Damanhur and has continued over time. Playing together is one of the basic elements for creating a community group. To do things seriously, we shouldn’t always take ourselves so seriously. It’s helpful to know how to have fun together. In this spirit, Damanhurians challenge each other every year. They root for their teams. They win some and lose some, taking these games seriously and having fun at the same time.





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