The Singing Competition

Oct 10, 13 The Singing Competition

Sometimes competitive energies can destroy communities. What to do with all the natural competition that creeps up when human beings live, love, play, study, work and walk a spiritual path together… always?

At Damanhur, creative competitions provide a release for these tensions, in the spirit of camaraderie. Though we take competitions seriously, we all congratulate each other and stay friends in the end. There have been two long-awaited competitions recently, the Gara di Scalpo (literally, the Scalping Contest) and the Singing Competition. The Gara di Scalpo, which is a game that involves snatching handkerchiefs from the each other, was held in Damjl.

The Singing Competition was held in Cornucopia nucleo community during their summer party. Each team sang “Il Re d’Amore” (The King of Love), a classic and very popular Damanhurian song – which they presented in a new arrangement. The teams that passed to the next round could choose a piece of their own, drawn from the Damanhurian tradition.

The Damjl team were the winners (see photo above). After their rendering of “Il Re d’Amore,” they sang their version of “Barjl Anansal,” a song in the Damanhurian Sacred Language.

Canto 2

The Rama Tujl – Mela d’Oro team came in second place (pictured above). The piece of their choice was “Sulle Ali del Falco” (On the Wings of the Hawk), an even older song than “Il Re d’Amore.”

Etulte came in third place: they sang a complex medley of non-Damanhurian songs and included the words of “Il Re d’Amore” (see below).

canto 3

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