New Year rebirth with the Popolo Spirituale

Sep 08, 15 New Year rebirth with the Popolo Spirituale

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Photo of the Popolo Spirituale 2015 - 40th Damanhurian Year! <3

Here is the photograph that was taken on Monday, August 31st, the traditional Damanhur “family photo” that takes place when gathered together in late August to reconnect and affirm our presence through an image.

As always, there were Damanhur citizens and members of the Popolo Spirituale. Many others who weren’t able to be there connected with us through a message, a thought, a wish.

The day of the photo coincided with the celebration of the Damanhurian New Year’s Eve. The next day, on September 1st, the new year started!

During the afternoon of August 31st, there were offerings to the four altars that are dedicated to the elements in the area of ​​Damjl, followed by a series of performances at the amphitheater with live music by the Damanhur School children and the group LissApel. There was also a video showing on 40 years of Damanhur history and a theatre piece with the humorous saga of the Falco Stellare1Galactic Council, which our actors have been proceeding with for a few years.

A moment was also dedicated to announcing the final results of the Horusiadi games. This year, the Etulte team won!

Then there was a peaceful and joyful procession to Piazza dello Studio in the upper part of Damjl, each one of us placing a candle on the large stellar falcon figure, which is a tradition for concluding the year and celebrating the birth of the new one! Happy New Year!