What are youth in ecovillages doing these days?

Sep 07, 12 What are youth in ecovillages doing these days?

We from Casa Ragazzi (the Damanhur youth nucleo community) participated in the Italian Ecovillages Network (RIVE) conference when it was here at Vidracco. We attended events and workshops that were interesting to us, like empathic communication and conflict resolution.

One of the most important things was getting to know youth from other ecovillages, as we made friendships and connections with them. We had the most contact with three youth from the Upacchi ecovillage and two youth from Siena, who were with their professor from the Bagnaia community. Along with Macaco who was the main guide, we accompanied them in their visit to Damjl and the nucleo communities Dendera and Magilla, and we also visited Damanhur Crea with them, showing them the various studios and shops. We participated in the folk dance evenings and the closing event on Saturday evening, where we made contacts with youth from other ecovillages as well.

We invited our new friends to dinner at our nucleo. youth of Damanhur togetherIt was a very nice and interesting time, having discussions and exchanging thoughts and experiences from our different communities. We were really interested in discussing the organization and structure of their ecovillages, because for many of us, it was the first time that we had such a contact.

The youth from Upacchi explained that they live in family groupings and there are no particular rules or social-political structures. What unites them is interest and attention toward ecology. Furthermore, these families all live in houses that are closely to one another (in a small restructured hamlet), so they were really struck by the distribution of our houses throughout the valley and the number of people here in Damanhur, seeing as how they have only 50 people there. They were also very struck by our art and craftsmanship, the visit to the Temples of Humankind, Damanhur Crea and Damjl, as well as our research in the fields of ecology and renewable energy. We were struck by the small numbers of people that comprised these and other ecovillges, and also by the diversity amongst them.
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Thanks to spending so much time together, we were able to respond to their many questions regarding aspects of Damanhur and also to hear their observations. An interesting aspect of this exchange is that we were able to establish a warm friendship right away, thanks to the fact that we live in places that are so unique. As we departed, they invited us to come visit in September, so we’ll see them when we go to Gargano, along with visits to other communities in the area.

We have an email address to stay in touch with youth from ecovillages and others who would like to contact us: casaragazzi@damanhur.it We check this email, eagerly awaiting responses from all our new ecovillage contacts to continue our connection and exchange.