We need to show that we can reach independence

Oct 31, 12 We need to show that we can reach independence

In an editorial in 1978, Falco said that the first objective of Damanhur was to show its people that it is possible to reach complete independence. With Olio Caldo 4, we ask, is self-sufficiency an inner sharing more than anything else?

The conditions were all together different then. Now we have fallen into a type of consumption that is a drug. We must remember that we are individuals with a collective soul. If a part is isolated, this part withers. We have to do things that bring collective benefits, not just personal.

Every person must act individually, not just because some other tells you to, instead from understanding and choice. It must be a way to have fun, to play together. Maybe we have chosen the right moment to take this leap, at this time.

-Falco, Thursday serata, 25 October 2012