Why do not we remember our past lives?

Feb 16, 13 Why do not we remember our past lives?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

Doran (6th grade): Why do not we remember our past lives?

Falco: Thankfully! I’ll give you the example that I always give: imagine that you were Napoleon or Alexander the Great … you remember this, and you are in school with the others … you would feel somewhat uncomfortable putting together these memories! An example that I give is remembering that you were Napoleon while you are a factory worker at Fiat. While you’re there mounting a piece of a car, you say, “But I am Napoleon, what am I doing here?” The result is that, if you cannot detach from past life experiences, you end up in a mental hospital … Instead, they’ll say to you, “What Napoleon! You are a factory worker, and your name Pautasso. You are assembling pieces of a car wheel, and that’s your job!”
From one lifetime to another, or even the lives that we can sometimes live contemporaneously (and in some cases even remember), it is necessary to maintain a clear separation. Otherwise, it’s as if you were at the theater, and you are acting in a play, and all of a sudden you start acting a completely different one. You would be out of context. So, the important thing is to forget, or at least to not be influenced by the actions that a person remembers from another lifetime, in order to be able to well the life you are in, the one you are living now. Otherwise, you do not learn anything from either.

Do you remember a past life?