What is a dream?

Dec 21, 12 What is a dream?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

Samuele (8th grade): In your opinion, what is a dream?

Falco: A dream is a stimulus … it depends on why you created it. It could be because you’re afraid of something, or because you want something to be created. Often it is something that allows you to bypass the conscious mind and helps you to see, to hope, to fulfill something that you want to expand. Then it depends on the type of dream you have. Do you want to give me an example?

Samuele: More than anything, I imagined a dream like a life that is parallel to this one, and that inside every dream, there are still other parallel lives …

Falco: Yes, it’s a good idea, because often only a dream allows you to fulfill or complete things we experience during the waking state. I’ll give you a simple example: you’re concerned about an exam, you dream in the midst of other things that you have a wonderful result and everyone is applauding you. This means that you reduce the tension. But you can also dream about being able to give a big hit to the planet and change the orbit … It has to do with dreams, and not necessarily a parallel life.

On the other hand, for your parents, in those cases, it may allow you to regain memories of other lives, and so then, to match them, regulate them, and as you said, try to bring them on a plane parallel a little, at least as a memory.