What is death really all about?

Oct 24, 13 What is death really all about?

Death is a part of life and it touches everyone in one form or another. It can be scary, fascinating, and it calls forth some of our deepest emotion and soul questioning.

Many people ask me, how are things at Damanhur after Falco’s departure from the physical plane (which happened four months ago on June 23 this year). There is naturally sadness and grief in the community, especially in the first days after he passed.

I also noticed an astounding resilience. Everyone still found moments to smile and laugh, remember Falco with joy and respect, find occasions to joke with each other and keep a sense of humor – which is a big spiritual value at Damanhur.

fireNow, we keep moving forward with the dreams to be dreamed of and tasks to complete together. Responsibilities increase, achievements proceed, new ideas are launched, enthusiasm and passion remain ignited.

In seeing all of this, I realize that the spiritual pathway of Damanhur really does foster a profound understanding, soul preparation and healthy attitude towards death: reverent, accepting, human…
It’s one of the most important moments in life, something to prepare for well.


This month, Damanhur is unveiling a new five-day program to share some of our insights and understandings about death. The new Beyond Life program offers a vision of what lies beyond life’s greatest mystery. The program takes place within the intense and transformative energies of the annual “Commemoration of the Dead” ritual.

This program is for all who are pondering the fundamental questions about life and death.

It’s a full program, from the experience of what it’s like beyond the body while astral traveling to a fully active magical ritual, Spiritual Physics lessons about form, the Real and the Threshold, healing through art, meditation and overnight Contact with the Cosmos in the Temple of Humankind, and more. I am excited about this new offering, which seems like a true gift to anyone seeking higher levels and integration of spiritual knowledge.

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