Mushroom season.

Nov 05, 13 Mushroom season.

In these days of grocery stores, restaurants and fast food, sometimes it’s easy to believe the illusion that in order to eat, we need to buy food. Living in the Sacred Woods at Damanhur, I’m reminded everyday that nourishment can come from nature. Stepping outside my door in this season, I see chestnuts on the ground and walking through the woods, I find wild edible mushrooms.

Because of the somewhat warm and humid autumn weather, various fungi have been very successful in their growth. All over the forest, we have been able to find a great variety of mushrooms. People of all ages meet in small groups: grandparents with their grandchildren or individual early-birds who spend their WP_000689mornings searching the Sacred Woods to find all kinds of mushrooms, from unknown, strange otherworldly fungus to the famous porcino, best known from Italian risotto recipes and other classic dishes, as well as the Mazza di tamburo (Drumstick) mushroom, which is great simply roasted on a pan with a bit of homemade butter and a speck of salt.

Buon apetito!







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  1. Guy Czajka /

    love what you are all doing. I’m interested in purchasing a collection of the music of the plants with no other human musical background sounds. Could you please make a suggestion to me? thank you! Guy

    • Hi Guy! Thanks so much for your note and being in touch! Have you been to Damanhur before?

      As for Music of the Plants music, I know there are CDs available, also by download, though usually the recordings are with other musical sounds. You may inquire at to find out for sure. Con te!