Pear of Eden 2015 season

Mar 12, 15 Pear of Eden 2015 season

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Last year, members of Damanhur Center Talej in Zagreb, Croatia rented a nice pear orchard, and with the name “Pear of Eden,” we started the cultivation project. With the leadership of Ivan and active support of Grizzly, Mangusta and other members, the Pear of EdenĀ team nurtured the orchard with the sun and moon, through hail and rain. Final results were meager, simply because some unknown soul (or souls) had collected the fruits of our work, and almost all the pears disappeared in the dark. It was a bit depressing and we needed time to get back on track.

Now, we start anew! This is a new year, and for us, a new attempt to get our pears on their way, into jars of marmelade and bottles of pear brandy. In addition, we are also trying to develop better relations with our neighbors, who have nearby orchards and are full of advice.

Ivan has initiated the new season, gathering supporters, and even in these cold and windy days, our members Ivan, Mira, Grizzly, Zelimir are pruning the trees to prepare them for the spring. Let’s wish them (and us) all the best. To everyone, a fruitful year in 2015!

Con voi, Damanhur Center Talej