Season of subtle celebrations

Oct 15, 14 Season of subtle celebrations

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I will be traveling abroad in October and coming back to Damanhur just in time for the Commemoration of the Dead ritual on Sunday November 2nd. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the extended family of Damanhur spiritual brothers and sisters who return every year for this rich and significant moment. It’s an opportunity to remember and honor the souls who have departed the physical realm and are continuing their journey in subtle worlds. It’s also a chance to celebrate life with quiet dignity at a time when nature turns inward and encourages reflection.

10995840606_35af6121ce_zThe Sacred Woods of Damanhur feels like a particularly important place to meditate and connect to energy and intuition in this season. The trees serve as antenna for intuitive knowing, and as always, they hold ageless wisdom that can be perceived in moments of open stillness. There is a Special 3 Day Visit from October 30 to November 2 during the Commemoration of the Dead, with walking meditations in the labyrinths of the Sacred Woods.morte Participants in the program will also have the opportunity to spend the night in the Temples of Humankind with the Contact with the Cosmos experience. Also in the Temples, there will be a meditation on Earth – the natural element connected to this ritual.

I’m grateful for the Temples, the Sacred Woods, the rituals, the love we share in our community, the embrace that extends to old and new friends. They all create a sacred context for inner transformation in the spirit of Death. Renewal and rebirth, represented by this Selfic painting… #13 of the tarot Major Arcana, La Morte.



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  1. I’m moving to a new place outside of town, a kind of sheep farm, and am single now. Kind of feels like I don’t have solid ground beneath my feet, though it’s also exciting to rebuild a new life for myself.

    • All the best for your transitions and rebirth of your life! Finding some simple, daily rituals can often be helpful in feeling newly grounded in the midst of changes. con te!