Top 10 memorable moments at Damanhur in 2013

Dec 31, 13 Top 10 memorable moments at Damanhur in 2013










1. In 2013, reaching a total of 148,545,065 trees oriented worldwide in the Global Tree Network

2. Ritual dinner to celebrate the birthday of the Popolo Spirituale and Falco, May 29

3. Falco leaves his physical body, June 23

4. Ritual for the commemoration of Falco’s life, June 30

5. Photo of the Popolo Spirtuale, August 26

6. Damanhurian New Year and Stellar Falcon Ritual, September 1

7. Indigenous peoples converence at Damanhur Crea, September 28

8. Tempio Vegetale (a temple in nature) created in the Sacred Woods, October

9. Ritual dinner for the Commemoration of the Dead, honoring Falco, November 4

10. Winter Solstice rituals and festivity, December 15 – 22


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