Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #2

Jan 07, 14 Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #2

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Second item on the list of my favorite things in Damanhur!

2. The unity of social life

Social life in Damanhur is based on a unique and innovative system of nucleo communities, which are community families living together, each nucleo choosing their own contribution to the regions of Damanhur and the goals which evolve within the overall Damanhur structure. Based on the transparency of true sharing in both difficulties and joys, the nucleo communities offer dedication and practicality and lots of social dynamics to move Damanhur forward through ever-changing spirals of evolution. I couldn’t believe it when I first came here, and I accused them of being stressed out and workaholics. I was proven wrong though, and I slowly left behind the slave mentality that I grew up with in Copenhagen, Denmark – taking the first step and joining the New Life program. I started to dissolve myself into the river of energy that the people of Damanhurian are collectively channeling, and I found profound peace and joy in the mission and work of staying together.

-Tritone –

Tritone is a 30 year old web designer, musician, forest caretaker, builder, ex New Life, and now an “A” citizen of Damanhur, who works hard and long hours to sustain and realize the dream of a free Humanity.



What is the most important thing that keeps community together? Have some thoughts? Share with us, comment below!


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  1. I think the most important thing is finding yourselves all on the same wavelength and staying there. Like through doing things together, early morning meditations!

    • Lisa, I agree! I used to live in a Soto Zen Temple in San Francisco before coming to live in Damanhur and we woke up just about every morning at 5 am to meditate together in the zendo, then we would go to our jobs and live ‘normal’ urban lives, taking naps whenever possible. 🙂 Doing something so extreme, disciplined, counter-current and idealistic really brought us all together, even without words.

      At Damanhur sometimes we do meditations and work on our projects early mornings (or into the night) though there is no fixed early morning schedule. There is that same spirit of intensity and camaraderie when we come together, whether in ritual, meditation, building and creating… Meditation in Action. praying with our hands.



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