Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #4

Jan 13, 14 Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #4

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Number 4 on my top 7 list is:

4. Truth

Now I know this is a very difficult subject to address as it has been discussed so much from the beginning of time by basically everybody from saints and farmers to Buddhas and soldiers and everyone in between. In Damanhur, truth is a crystal with a thousand faces, so no one person has the whole truth. We all just have a piece of it, and putting the pieces all together, we get to the bigger Truth. The only other thing I can really say is that the Damanhurian lifestyle, spiritual teachings and structure are helping me to find my own truth, and I wish for you to find your own, and to experience Truth, for all beings on this planet and beyond.

– Tritone –

Tritone is a 30 year old web designer, musician, forest caretaker, builder, ex New Life, and now an “A” citizen of Damanhur, who works hard and long hours to sustain and realize the dream of a free Humanity.



What does the truth mean to you? Share with us, comment below!


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  1. Steve /

    I don’t think that there is any ultimate truth. It’s about personal vision, perception, values. I don’t believe in relgion because they try to sell you one truth like it’s the only thing that’s real. Are you a religion?

    • Tritone /

      Hey Steve. Very interesting question. In Damanhur we believe that each of us are living our individual truths, in what we call the quasi real, a fraction of the whole experienced by a single person, then we are also following what is our collective dream which then creates collective experience which to me personally is an amazing an more complex experience, simply because of the vastness of energy a larger mass/grou of people can produce. That dream is a complex energy flow put into practice by building our community, including the dream of a free humanity living in honesty and friendship with eachother, in the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds us. We are definitely not religious in the sense that people normally know and see religion, like being subjects to an angry jealous god and so on. No Not here! Here everybody is responsible for their own destiny, intertwined with that of the community. Hope this was answer enough otherwise feel free to ask and to dig deeper. -Tritone-

  2. I love this quote from Falco about truth that I just read: Being is Truth. Truth is Being (L’Essere che è Verità. Verità è l’Essere.) So, truth isn’t about what I believe, or some written dogma, it’s about who I am, how I live. It’s about action, choice. Truth is what ‘works,’ what produces results in the magical and material world. In this sense, there are as many truths as there are beings in the world.


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