Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #5

Jan 15, 14 Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #5

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Here’s long awaited #5 on my Top 7 list for Damanhur!

5. Rituals and reality

Here we enter into a more mystical realm, and you will either shake your head and absolutely not get what’s going on, or if you live with an open mind, you might, like me, get out of your skeptical stance and slowly open up to see the superb magical technology used in the both the big and complex and simple rituals of Damanhur. Each season, each week and even everyday, Damanhur performs many rituals, from ones for Solstice and Equinox to the Oracle at the full moon. Some people come here and get it immediately and can totally absorb the rich spiritual nourishment from these incredible and also aesthetically beautiful moments of ritual contact. You can also get to know more about ritual practice through the new Alchemy School offered by the Damanhur University, which is like a path of esoteric discovery…

Which leads us to #6… Alchemy!

– Tritone –

Tritone is a 30 year old web designer, musician, forest caretaker, builder, ex New Life, and now an “A” citizen of Damanhur, who works hard and long hours to sustain and realize the dream of a free Humanity.


What is a ritual you do regularly to get in touch with nature and magic? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. kelly /

    I do sun salutations and kundalini yoga ritual in the morning. are there yoga classes there too?


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