Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #1

Jan 06, 14 Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #1

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First of all, I would like to make it clear that this list is a personal reflection. For sure if you ask other Damanhurians for their top 7 list, they will tell you some other things, because we are all walking the same Damanhurian path but in a unique way, and everyone has had different experiences which have changed their lives. That said, let’s get started!

1. The School of Meditation.

Known as the heart of Damanhur, this school is based on ancient tradition and I think it is the top of the top tool to reconnect with you inner self. Through profound teachings and divine stimuli, the Damanhurian people rise along the initiatic ladder toward self-realization within this magical and mystical path. The School of Meditation changed the way I look at life, and it gives meaning to everything I do, meditation in action 24 hours a day. An absolute gift if you have the courage to choose transforming yourself from a spiritual seeker to a spiritual finder.

– Tritone –

Tritone is a 30 year old web designer, musician, forest caretaker, builder, ex New Life, and now an “A” citizen of Damanhur, who works hard and long hours to sustain and realize the dream of a free Humanity.

What’s the difference between a spiritual seeker and a spiritual finder? Have some thoughts? Share with us, comment below!

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  1. Sandy Dorscht /

    Well it seems like having lots of choices for exploring spiritual pathways, like we do in America, makes it easy to be in a mode of spiritual seeking, kind of going from one practice or teaching to another. It gives the advantage of many perspectives of knowing though it can be superficial and non-committal too. Yoga is the only practice that I’ve really been able to sink into and ‘find,’ make a choice of commitment. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years.

    • Jim Reed /

      I think it’s better to stay open minded and flexible and not get too fixated on any one thing. And to combine things, like shamanism and martial arts. That’s what I’m doing.


    • For me, I felt really enriched exploring lots of different spiritual and healing practices while living in America, from Soto Zen Buddhist meditation to Brazilian shamanic energy healing and everything in between, yoga too… Living in current times with such multicultural places, speed in travel and global exchanges, it’s a great gift to learn so much from so many different peoples.

      I chose Damanhur as my spiritual path because I was craving the deep rooting of ‘spiritual finding’. I sense a different kind of density and effectiveness having really committed to a path and now sinking my roots and routines in it. Damanhur’s School of Meditation, although a singular initiatic path, contains many multitudes, like the different ‘Spiritual Ways’ which I can choose and commit to and also change over time, so it offers a spirit of diversity, exploration and transformation that keeps us worldly ‘seekers’ engaged.

      On Spiritual Ways…