New generation Damanhur initiates world-wide

Apr 10, 14 New generation Damanhur initiates world-wide

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Everyone who finds their way to Damanhur always finds that it is a path of discovery. Some paths are winding and twisting, others a bit more straight. Some of the members of our international School of Meditation group have been coming to Damanhur for years and years. Others managed to walk in right at the beginning of the class, by synchronicity.


“Initially, it grew out of our group doing the Spiritual Healers School at the Damanhur University. As we prepared to finish the second year of the Healers School in 2012, we decided that we wanted to intensify our path and maintain our connection. We did a Pre-Meditation course with only 6 people at first. For me, the information was amazing and the mixture of friends, teachers, artwork, the Temples of Humankind, it was simply some of the most fascinating things I’ve found in life so far. So, when we understood we had to come back again and again, I wasn’t sure how it would happen. It meant traveling over 24 hours to come from East Africa. I managed to keep making every meeting. When everything in my life tried to keep me from it, something drew me to it. Magically, if you will.”

~ Pamela Allard from Zanzibar, Tanzania


Over the months the group changed and grew. We made so many new friends, completely changed the dynamics of our intimate little group. It was a matter of time before each of those individuals added their flavor to the group. Again, some others joined synchronically, others disappeared without a trace. Others found it more difficult to walk down the path with the road the way it was.

So, Equinox after Solstice and Solstice after Equinox we came from far away, meeting on Skype every week in between. Learning about ourselves as we dug deeper. Learning about ourselves through the others. We met at other times, even from a distance, to practice some telepathic games with each other with sometimes very interesting results!

We are beginning to plant seeds of connection all over the world, creating a support network between us and with new people that we – as international explorers – continue to come in contact with around the world. We work to expand the consciousness that we are cultivating into the world, sharing what we are so often nourished by ourselves when we come home to our family in Damanhur.


“Every time we gather again, we feel closer and closer to one another. We share emotions and problems. Everybody is positive towards the others. We also like to spend our free time together, and we are becoming more and more organized and disciplined as a group. We don’t feel any serious tensions or disharmony within the group. Everything is so easy-going. This is perhaps the most amazing thing, as we are so totally different in everything – the places we come from (at the moment, we are 16 people of 7 nationalities, scattered over 9 countries and 4 continents), our ways of living, age groups, interests, professions, culture and education. All these differences vanish when we are together.

~ Anna Galabova, Bulgaria



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Ornitorinco Platano s a very good teacher, very devoted to what he is teaching. He is helpful and compassionate and encourages discipline in each one of us. He organizes our School of Meditation days in Damanhur very well, so we have different perspectives, experiences and opportunities in just a few days. The result is that we live every moment fully while in Damanhur.

We feel very much supported and appreciated by all the Damanhurians. We feel the existing atmosphere of brotherhood amongst the Damanhurians, and also between them and the people in our group. We are grateful to all of them for what they are doing for us, what they have done and are continuing to do for humankind, and we are very happy to be part of all this!


“Since the beginning we have felt a strong connection to the group, and a steady expansion of love for the individuals in the group and for the group as a whole. Also from one of the first meetings there was a strong sense of belonging and an energetic support that I had been missing all of my life. I used to feel like I was standing on a small sheet of ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Now, as my fears are melting away, I find there is solid ground underneath my feet. It takes some getting used to. I still stumble and fall, sometimes. But the overall feeling is a sense of challenge, adventure and joyful discovery, as well as seeing the well-known with new eyes.

~ Egil Birkeland, Norway


A quote from Falco that embodies the spirit of our group and our learning in this moment…

Becoming aware of one’s position in the array of those who have devoted entire lives to the war to free Humanity, helps to considerably improve one’s spiritual efficiency. From that moment on, a beacon of light dissipates the confusion of living and shows each one the right direction of the soul.


Falco (Oberto Airaudi) from Stories of an Alchemist



…to participate in the international School of Meditation at Damanhur? The next four-day intensive session for new participants will be held June 12 – 15, 2014. For more information contact





  1. I love Esperides and would love to win the book! “bookcontest”

    Now I’m going back to Facebook and removing my comment because I’d rather not have my email be public like that.

    Thanks for creating such an inspiring way to live together.

    • Esther, Thanks for being in touch and sharing your appreciation. You are entered in the contest now so you can delete the Facebook comment. Good luck. Con te!

  2. Teddy Frank /

    My husband Dennis and I just returned from our first visit to Damanhur. I cried tears of joy upon entering the temples, like I was coming home, as though I were walking in the halls of wisdom, the Akashic records came to life.

    Our deepest gratitude to all our brothers and sisters who have created this work of wonder, wisdom and majesty. For all of us who together nurture our souls awakening to the highest possibility for all living beings.

    I am dreaming of spirals….
    In love and light,

    • Dear Teddy,

      Thank you so much for coming to visit us and seeing the Temples of Humankind. It’s our dream to share the Temples with the world, and we appreciate your sensitivity! With gratitude for all you are creating as well.

      Good luck on the contest!

      con voi!