Win a free Selfica book!

Apr 12, 14 Win a free Selfica book!

To celebrate and thank all of you who are building a better world with us in a growing network of community action and inspiration, we’re holding a contest and giving away a copy of the book Spirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica!





A Day in the LifeTo show our gratitude, everyone who enters the contest will receive a free PDF copy of A Day in the Life in Damanhur, a tale of 24 hours in the life of a Damanhur citizen.

Contest deadline: April 30, 2014

It’s easy to enter! Stay connected and deepen your connection with Damanhur by taking this action by April 30th:

Write a comment on the Damanhur Blog OR the Damanhur Facebook page or Google+ page. Comments help us stay in tune with what is meaningful to you and offer the best of our experience and stories through social networks.

a. Comment on the Damanhur Blog (no account required)

Click on the link:
Read an article and write a comment related to it, including your name and email address.
Include “#bookcontest” in your comment.


b. Comment on the Damanhur Facebook or Google+ page (account required)

Click on the link: Facebook or Google+
“Like” the page if you haven’t already.
Comment on any post including including “#bookcontest” in your comment. Include your email address if you wish to receive the PDF.

Everyone who does this will be entered in the contest and receive A Day in the Life in Damanhur in PDF by email. We’ll choose a winner for the book Spirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica after the April 30th deadline, and we will announce the winner in our May Newsletter. Sign up for our monthly newsletter if you haven’t already: Click here and select ‘English – general information’ newsletter.

Good luck! Thanks for participating and being a part of our extended community of active dreamers!





  1. Amber /

    Even though I am far from Damanhur and perhaps may never get the chance to visit, I feel connected by the spirit of the newsletters and updates. Even the photographs are a kind of meditation and I can look deeply into them and see the intention and visions of the family there. I would like to be included in the book contest and perhaps one day I will meet someone from Damanhur here in GB!

    • Nancy Eos /

      I feel joy in my bones while my blood thrums with rhythms of the sacred language. I recently attended the 15 day intense Spiritual Healers course. Wow. So much in so little time. And we students from at least 5 countries became a tight knit group that are a part of a larger group – a community of caring world wide. The Selfica and magic of Damanhur are a part of my everyday life now. Thank you “#bookcontest” for giving me space to let me tell all about the classroom with Orango smiling up front, the large window next to me where the white capped mountain tops peaked out at me behind the gently waving yellow Damanhurian flag as the stream gurgled loudly it’s comment of ‘Hee hee. You are having fun with great friends.’ Nancy

      • Dear Nancy,

        Thanks so much for connecting here and sharing about your experience in the Spiritual Healers School! It’s always so inspiring to see groups coming together and bonding through this transformative experience. Good luck with the contest. con te!

    • Amber, all the best in moving with synchronicity so that you may come to visit Damanhur or connect with a Damanhur Ambassador in the UK. We’re grateful to know our communications help you to feel connected and close! Warm greetings, con te!

    • Barbara Lange /

      Hi Amber – after reading about the book contest and clicking on Damanhur blog, I read your comment and thought I would reply. I have stayed at Damanhur several times in the past and it is beautiful, extraordinary, so peaceful and full of loving energy. I do hope you will be able to visit. It is life changing. I am from the U.S. and traveled to Damanhur with several friends. One was TONY TIPPLER and he is from GB. He has a facebook page and I am sure would welcome your contact. Tell him that Barbara Lange said hi!

      • Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. You are welcome back to Damanhur anytime! We look forward to seeing you here again. If you would like to be entered in the contest for the free Selfica book, please write another comment with #bookcontest in it. All the best, con te!

  2. Taheena /

    I had the chance to visit Damanhur in November 2009 and still remember it as an out-of-time experience. It felt like I could be my multi-dimensional Self while experiencing the underground temples. It felt like we are indeed a One Earth community that created this beautiful planet, remembering that one day we will indeed experience oneness as one People. Magnificent experience!


    • Taheena, you are entered in the contest! Thanks so much for your comment. You are welcome back anytime! with spirit of unity, con te!

  3. Heartsease /

    Damanhur has inspired me to live creatively! Thank you!

    I am a wildcrafter and I’ve been playing and learning from the plants for over twenty years. I homeschool/teach my children how to identify and use wild plants. We have a wonderful time building faerie houses and going for Nature walks. Your work with singing plants lit up our imaginations! And when we studied Ancient History, I found a real legacy for humanity in the Temples for Humankind.I liken it to what all great civilizations left for us in art and beauty and story and expression. I’m following my highest joy and building a building made from bottles and paper-enhanced mortar.
    We’ve had a meadow labyrinth (11 circuit Chartres) for several years that became hard to mow. So this spring I had the idea of making the labyrinth a SPIRAL! I’ve seen snail shells everywhere I go now to meditate on. Then today your newsletter was all about spirals and a chance to win Spirals of Energy! The Universe is a wondrous place, truly!

    • It’s a great honor for us to inspire creative living. Thank you for your deep appreciation and beautiful contributions to a new world! Please do come back to Damanhur to experience the labyrinths in the Sacred Woods. All the best, con te!

      • Heartsease /

        I forgot to add that I stumbled onto the Earth Charter via your website. My kids and I included it in our Nature Studies and we live its words and ideas everyday. Please enter me for the book contest. Thanks!

        • Great! The Earth Charter is full of inspiring ideals and many of our friends have endorsed it. You are entered in the contest. Good luck!

  4. Damanhur truly inspires and draws, I wish to visit as soon as possible, to experience Unity, wonderful art, the special energy of a place which is on the crossroads of several Energy lines. These kind of places always feel like home.

    • Hanna, you are welcome here anytime, and we do hope you feel at home! Looking forward to connecting and sharing. Con te!

  5. Jed Dowd /

    Damanhur is truly a Portal! As I begin to explore Damanhur via my Internet portal into the Damanhur Portal, I find myself beginning to experience Damanhur. My sense of the passage of time changes, and this container we call time begins to evaporate, loosing me from its confines. I find myself in the ever-timely, ever-timeless Eternal Now. Dreams of what can be for humanity appear and beckon to be explored and lived. Yes, Damanhur finds ready resonance in me!
    If I don’t win the book in this contest, i will simply have to purchase it!

    • Jed, thanks for sharing your thoughts on time. Knowing and working with the true nature of time is a big part of alchemy and magic! Wishing you well on the contest. Con te!

  6. Mario /

    During our recent visit to Damanhur we were touched by the palpable energy of the place and its people. It was just a glimpse, so we’re very much looking forward to returning in May.
    Con voi! #bookcontest

    • Mario, good luck with the book contest and see you soon! May is a beautiful month here, though even in April it sometimes feels like we are in full summertime these days. Con te!

  7. paula /

    I am so grateful that I got to experience Damanhur. I will return one day but for now I tap into the energy and the memories that inspire me to be the best expression of myself.
    When I saw the book title Spirals of Energy it immediately brought back the powerful workshop with the Selfics. From across the globe thanks for the ripples and spirals that make life so much more wonderful.

    • Dear Paula, we look forward to welcoming you back when you return! There is so much to discover here. With gratitude and connection, con te!


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