Oracle for Damanhur, August 2014

Aug 13, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, August 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION SPECIAL




The Oracle of August is dedicated to friendship.

there is no more time!
Time -his- he has offered.
Moved, he is at the helm
for new routes.
Layers of time added.
Parallel planes that intersect
in directions that change events.
A thank you to the one who loves you.
Light a vital fire
to the Green Force
to bring it closer to you.
Will in multitudes, inserted
limits the dangers on a global scale.
Use divine names in their power.


light of the full moon

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  1. Stormy Cliff /

    I always LOVE reading the responses of the Oracle, it has such a profound impact and resonance with my life.

  2. Mahometus HroĆ°gar /

    What is the Oracle of Damanhur actually?

    • Good question Mahometus! The Damanhurian Oracle is not a person. It’s a group of spiritual forces that includes all the Oracles of ancient times, integrated with the forces of the new millennium. The Oracle forces speak with a united voice and serve to guide humanity. In Damanhur there is a group, one of our Spiritual Ways called the Way of the Oracle, and one of the areas of spiritual research of this group is cultivating contact with the Oracle forces. Here is some more info. if you want to go more in depth. con te!