spiriTunes #2 Gordian Knot

Sep 05, 14 spiriTunes #2 Gordian Knot

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These days, spiritual music can often be interpreted as 10 hour long dolphin samples and harmonic frequencies like the 432Hz and other scales based purely on math and harmonic resonance. I totally agree that this type of music might be soothing in some cases and that the ancient knowledge about the healing and ordering nature of harmonic resonances should be rediscovered and incorporated into contemporary music. However, I find that this kind of music is simply boring sometimes and the effect of listening to music while meditating silently is also questionable. Anyhow, I have chosen today to go in a different direction today. So…

Here is Gordian Knot.

The Gordian Knot is a metaphor that is often used for an intractable problem (disentangling an “impossible” knot) solved easily by cheating or “thinking outside the box” (“cutting the Gordian knot”). In Damanhurian philosophy, complexity and diversity have a major role, both being an integral part of nature. Can we say the same for music? In this case, complex music?

Musician Sean Malonesean malone led Gordian Knot with a varying lineup and made two albums at the end of the 1990s and 2000s, both with great tracks. It’s an amazing mix of melodic jazz and progressive alternative rock, classical and even sometimes an eastern touch. In putting together so many elements of intense and enigmatic sounds, you need to be ready for anything while listening to this stuff. I’m sure the rock part can be irritating to some, but there are enough soundscapes and harmonies to make the musical heart soar.

The music they have created shares aspects with our philosophy, which is why I chose to review them here. The titles of the songs like “Reflections” are interesting because in Damanhur we often speak about the myth of the divine mirror and that everybody is a mirror to one another, not necessarily reflecting only beauty but also the difficulties of life, and again it’s like this in music too. It seems like today, everybody wants to listen to music that brings pleasure or a certain high, not thinking about the fact that all things in life which are difficult bring growth and stimulate evolution, and so it is with music. Music can be beautiful when it challenges us, as written in the Damanhurian art canons, “Create wonder and scandal.” I’m sure that many musicians with creative minds challenge the current status quo of the musical scene, and in this way, they expand our collective consciousness.

So, I would like to challenge the perception of what may be considered spiritual music. Now it’s clear that we should all enjoy what we listen to, although I recommend, at least once in a while, going outside the box and listening to something new, not like going on vacation but like going on an adventurous journey and exploring unknown territory. Maybe you’ll be shocked the first minute, even a little afraid or uncomfortable, but after a while it’ll be like having a new home. Keep an open mind, be ready for surprises, let yourself be pushed to a new growing edge, relax and give it a try.

-Tritone Crisantemo-

Tritone Crisantemo is a Damanhurian A citizen with an education in studio technics, mixing and sound design, currently making music in Damanhur in many collaborations, including drumming for bands and concerts.

 What does spiritual music mean to you?

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  1. check out the fire garden by steve vai thats very cool

  2. Basic Someone /

    Omg thnx for this article.
    Gordian Knot is definately one of the most innovative bands i know, not to be mistaken for the recent german group called Gordian knot, which is a more schlager pop kinda thing.

    • Thanks for sharing! Great to know there is so much variety in music. Stay tuned for the next review! con te!