spiriTunes #3 Nissim Black

Oct 10, 14 spiriTunes #3 Nissim Black

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Nissim Black!

When we first started talking about doing music reviews on the Damanhur Blog, I had in mind exactly the kind of artist I hoped to come across. When I discovered Nissim B.’s music, I burst out into laughter and shouted YES! Nissim B. is an absolute pioneer in a field that will continue to expand as the consciousness of humankind reawakens to our true glory.

Transforming his background as a gangster rapper, converting his faith to Judaism and becoming a spiritual beacon for new generations, Nissim incarnates the paradigm shift happening on Earth. He fills my heart with joy and hope for all of us.

Nissim Black was born into a musical family, as his father is “Captain Crunch” from the legendary Emerald Street Boys. “Vitamin D” (DJ, producer and MC, often hailed as a founder of Seattle hip hop) took Nissim under his wing at an early age and showed him the ropes. Vitamin D began recording Nissim when he was 13 years old. Nissim also benefited from an early association with hip-hop super-producer Jake One.

NissimInstead of going on and on about who did what and when, I would like to talk about change, because that is what impresses me most in Nissim’s story. He proves to every depressed disbeliever that you can change your life. He went from growing up in a home of drug abusers, embracing Christian belief at age 14, and in recent years, leaving behind music to completely dedicate himself to conversion into Judaism. Nissim made a wise choice in detaching himself from his past and contemplating his new self before starting to rap again.

So why is change so difficult for some of us, and why is it such a big part of our daily lives? The easy answer would be: if not for change, everything would be standing still. Although when we go into a deeper level of change, we see that change is a necessary part of our evolution. In being able to change, we are able to render our species more versatile.

Being capable of changing our personal lives is paramount to achieving happiness, because if we are not able to change, we eventually grow bored with what we are doing and will start on a downward spiral of depression. Now I’m not saying that you should not be constant. That is important too. However, change can be used as a tool for spiritual awakening by destabilizing our daily routines, for example eating with the fork in your left instead of your right one, these kinds of choices can bring an helpful instability into our daily habits.

Now are you able to change? And wake up? Would you like to?

I would love to hear why Nissim B. thought it necessary to make such drastic changes in his life. Why do you change? Share in the comments! Looking forward to continuing a dialog on all this.

-Tritone Crisantemo-





Nissim smiles by YaminhashemOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.