spiriTunes #6: Jester Soul

Jan 30, 15 spiriTunes #6: Jester Soul

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Jester Soul

The Damanhurian rock group Jester Soul, with Serval Noce Moscato, Tasso Peperone, Assiolo and Verdesca, has slowly crept its way into the hearts of Damanhurian citizens during the last couple of years. They have worked hard to form a musical image based on progressive rock genres with similarities to super groups like Dream Theater, Lacuna Coil and Opeth.

Ballata musiciansI think Jester Soul is something special. Despite being a group of Damanhurians with very busy lives and time schedules, they have succeeded in being continuous in their creative output. They integrate the inherent paradox that arises when the spiritual meets the material plane. With songs like “Black and White,” instead of highlighting the choice between the two, the speak about color, taking the mind out of its normal pattern of binary thinking and linear choices. They find a way to bring life and emotion into a genre that is sometimes overplayed and lacking vitality.

theatreTheir latest compositions are the live soundtrack for the Damanhur theatre piece written by Falco Tarassaco called “La Prima Ballata” (The First Ballad) A new rendition of this classic show, directed by Cormorano Sicomoro, was recently performed at Damanhur Crea. With great success and skill in mixing many genres, Jester Soul touched the hearts of the audience and also opened new pathways to what we can think of as musically possible inside the Damanhurian art canons.

~Tritone Crisantemo


Here is Jester Soul playing their song “Sogni d’oro” (Sweet Dreams / Dreams of Gold) during a 2014 performance at the Damjl amphitheatre.





  1. Quaglia Cocco /

    The lively mix of musical interludes made La Prima Ballata the most upbeat and accessible Damanhur theatre performance yet! Next to Cicrus Hamurdan of course… archive.damanhurblog.com/2014/05/16/featured-articles/hamurdan-circus-theatre-returns/

  2. Steve /

    Nice song. Would be great to know about more spiritual rock bands, glad I came across this review.


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