Oracle for Damanhur, December 2014

Dec 09, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, December 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION SPECIAL




The Oracle of December is dedicated to understanding the past, valuing the present, and opening to the new.

Movement, movements
in every place
you should step forward
before the Winter Solstice
with visible changes
Crystalline spiral
innovated bridge to your allies
You are observed
Be pure in your numerous thoughts
Changeable in superior virtue
Ritual link to interior divinity, establish
Everyone Temple is recognized
Visits from other worlds will still honor you
Journey toward the beginning
of an unforgettable passage
Turn on the motors, start in Epagomenoi
Dream the impossible
Capture the event in the molded form


precious divine presence

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