Beyond holiday consumerism

Dec 17, 14 Beyond holiday consumerism

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It’s winter time. Holiday season you might say. Everywhere you look, there is encouragement to translate the sense of family and togetherness of this time of year into consumerism. Feeling obliged to navigate the stress of retail environments that can resemble some circles of Dante’s Inferno. Buying too much, eating too much, drinking too much. Too much driving around, moving through crowds, accumulating credit card debt.

Surely gifting and generosity can reflect the sense of gratitude and abundance that characterizes the season of light, though isn’t there another way to embody the light?

Neve-mascheroneAt Damanhur, we’re looking forward to being together with our extended families, spiritual brothers and sisters from around the world, dear friends and new ones this holiday season during a series of special moments. Being in ritual and meditation, in simple moments of joyful celebration, receiving divine insight and creative inspiration for the intentions of the coming year, as well as continuing the practical steps of building the dream. We exchange gifts too, and we tend to favor things that are made by the local artists and artisans in the community.

Here are my impressions from some gatherings and events, which are once again open to our friends and guests at Damanhur in December.

Winter Solstice – Sunday. December 21st. The stone circle at Damjl. Winter air on the face, the only skin delicate and exposed beyond layers of wool sweater, coat, gloves and scarf. Drumming, singing, swaying to the music. Sacred Dance. prayers. honoring the fire element. the sun fire. the moon fire. offering leaves from last year to the flames. the alchemy of time creating a new golden layer upon a millennial tradition.

Hall of Spheres

Contact with the Cosmos – December 20th – 21st. Dinner, laughter, storytelling. Meditation, preparation. Underground. the Synchronic Lines, open, clear. ready to transmit and receive. messages from the universe, from the universe of the soul. Spheres, mirrors. Stained glass dome portal into the astral. Lying down, eyes closed and asleep but not really, in a dream sensation of being out of time, in the mystery between the veils of awareness. Poetry, symbols coming through. Thoughts and rhythms. Remembered, recorded.

dome of the Hall of MirrorsMidnight Action – December 31st. End of the year. End of a cycle of action, life lived fully in every moment of awareness. Underground, gathering. Laughter. Listening to the languages. Dipping a paintbrush into the purity of white, green of earth, yellow brightness, serenity of blue and red pulsation of vitality. Breathing, brushstroke, concentration, clear mind. Song and dance. ritual. Cornucopia. the months past, breathing into the future. candlelight, music, eyes closed. Quiet warmth. Beginning again, refreshed.

Looking forward to being in the circles of light and gatherings of the heart!


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  1. I love it when someone writes a song for me as a gift. Or takes me somewhere I have never been.

  2. Donovan /

    Best gifts are the ones that are just spontaneous. No holiday or expectation.