How to transform grief into collective joy

Nov 01, 13 How to transform grief into collective joy

This is a time when the veil between worlds is thin, sensitivity increases and we remember our beloved community members, family and friends who have departed the physical body and yet are still with us in our memories and emotions. I reflect on those in my life who have passed away during the last year, the most significant ones being our spiritual teacher and the founder of Damanhur, Falco, and my 99 year old grandmother – my last living grandparent.

Which recently departed loved ones are you honoring this year? Please share in the comments below. We will think of them too.

How can remembrance, which can naturally bring about nostalgia, sadness and grief, also become a celebration of life? In these days and at every Solstice and Equinox, initiates in the Damanhur School of Meditation from around the world, as well as our friends, family and visitors, return to Damanhur to circle together for these ritual moments – ancient, cyclic openings of spiritual light. We also greet each other warmly in the plazas and public spaces, share dinners in the communities and restaurants, sit over steaming cups of tea and coffee at the Damanhur Crea cafe, study and learn, be in service and play together. It’s like a very big extended family reunion! Looking into the eyes of our spiritual brother and sisters and the souls who join us here in these memorable days, it brings me out of sadness and loneliness and back into the present moment, feeling all the love and friendship that draws us here together at DamaCentro Firenzenhur, today and throughout the year.


The ritual for the Commemoration of the Dead takes place this Sunday at 6 pm Italy time at the ritual circle of Damjl. We invite you to connect with us at that time with your thoughts, remembering your loved ones who have passed.

Want to come to the next big ritual “family reunion” at Damanhur? Winter Solstice is near! Celebrate this ritual on the shortest day of the year when the sun begins to rise back to its triumph over the darkness of night. Click here for details.

Come for Solstice, stay for Midnight Action New Year’s Eve alongside Damanhurians and friends in the Temples of Humankind with an active spirit of creation and celebration!