Natural healing, telepathy with bees

Jan 24, 15 Natural healing, telepathy with bees

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What is the animal that best represents being an excellent worker? It’s a Damanhuri… uh… I mean, bees, of course!

In 1989, Merinos Timo Serpillo moved to Damanhur, bringing seven beehives along with him. Since then, he has produced natural honey for the community as one of his hobbies. He makes them in different flavors: acacia, dandelion, millefiori (mixed flowers), chestnut.

Merino’s passion for bees started from his early years. He still carries with him sweet childhood memories of homemade honey that his father produced. In his youth, Merinos began to study manuals and attend professional courses on beekeeping. This technical exploration of the art of beekeeping coincided with deep inner work that he was doing to find a new centeredness within himself. He continually researched bee diseases and parasites too, with the intention of experimenting with natural cures using biodynamic and homeopathic products.

MerinosAt Damanhur, assistance to strengthen the bees also arrives on the level of subtle energy. Merinos has a Spheroself, a high-complexity Selfica tool, which he uses to experiment with a program especially dedicated to bees. About three years ago, the Oracle of Damanhur indicated the possibility of exploring a telepathic contact with bees and he is making a lot of effort to do so!

Do Damanhurian lands, where bees find blooming flowers, add a particular value to Merinos’s honey? We think so, and we would also like to know your opinion. If you are a lover of honey, come and taste some! Merinos has collaborated with Austrian and German beekeepers, and he is open to exchanges with people like him, who are passionate about bees. He believes in synergy and collaboration just like bees teach us! Merino’s experience and passion have been transmitted to young Damanhurian agriculturalists who carry out their activities through the Punto Verde agricultural cooperative. You can find these locally produced honeys at the Tentaty cooperative food store in Damanhur Crea.




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  1. Sheryl /

    I love bees. Homemade lavender honey is always stocked in my kitchen! Would love to taste some of yours if I ever go to Damanhur, especially the chestnut, never tasted that flavor!


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