Support community youth in the Favelas of Sao Paulo

Jan 21, 16 Support community youth in the Favelas of Sao Paulo

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In Damanhur we encourage our children to be world citizens, active in international solidarity and traveling to learn first hand through heart to heart connection with other peoples. The Damanhur School has a sister school on Mancarroncito, an island of Nicaragua, and the children of Damanhur have nurtured friendships with the Nicaraguan children and held creative fundraisers to help build the school of the island.

We are happy to see this same spirit of community youth solidarity with a project from the Escola da Esperança (School of Hope) in Tamera, Portugal. Here is an invitation to spread the word and support their latest project:

ancoraCreating Global Consciousness – European Youth in the Favelas of São Paulo

For one month from February 2016, we – a group of young people from Escola da Esperança and our teachers – want to engage in a learning exchange with two inspiring projects situated in the Favelas of São Paulo: Projeto Âncora and Favela da Paz – Slum of Peace.

Projeto Âncora is a world-renowned school in the middle of the Favelas that creates a radically new model of learning. It offers education to children who would otherwise spend their lives on the streets.

favela da pazThe Instituto Favela da Paz is situated in Jardim Ângela, São Paulo, and they have a cultural project which offers hundreds of young people the opportunity to learn musical instruments, and through this, to escape the traps of drugs and violence. Through urban permaculture and renewable energy solutions, through building community and studying peace knowledge, the Instituto is an education center and a role model for its surroundings.

In preparation, our youth group has produced a short film about their journey, had political lessons and they are already in an intense correspondence with the youth of the Favelas who are really looking forward to their visit.

Please donate by clicking here and spreading the news to your friends and networks!

May ever more young people experience what real help means and how much potential can be born out of necessity.

In anticipation and excitement,

Juliane, Rico, Maria, Eiko, Saskia and the youth group Hannah, Neel, Julia, Mia, David, Marcos, Joscha, Luca, Gwendolin

Escola da Esperança

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