Damanhur News: Twenty years less!

Jan 27, 16 Damanhur News: Twenty years less!

Twenty years less!

Youth in community

The year 2016 is taking off with all its promises, hopes and possibilities. And where are you? What are your intentions for this year?

We invite you to think beyond the practical projects related to work, home, family, the things you love to do, and the things you need to do even if you do not love them. Think about how you will live this year, how you will improve your character, maybe by becoming more patient or more dynamic.

In Damanhur at this time we are making an effort to renovate the structures of the community and entrust roles of responsibility to younger citizens.

We invite you to do something similar, to take off with momentum in 2016. Value the child that is inside of you, the side of yourself that is fresh, curious and creative.

Put aside experience for a moment – don’t worry, you won’t loose it – and think, move and feel as if you were twenty years younger. The world is very different, isn’t it? Or rather, the way we observe the world is very different.

Continue to love, meditate and work as if you were twenty years younger. So, 2016 will not be another year added on, but rather a good year to rejuvenate!

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Come Visit

After the holidays and New Year, take the opportunity to slow down, be in the moment, and dedicate time to yourself and your loved ones.

As we open to the new year in 2016, we are offering many programs to meet the needs of our guests, including the possibility of participating in single events.

So, you can choose the complete program of the 3 Day Visit or 5 Day Visit, or the single events within these programs.

The 3 day visit January 20-24 includes the Oracle Ritual at the full moon on January 24.

Starting dates for the 3 Day Visits

Jan. 20
Feb. 17
Mar. 2
Mar. 16
Mar. 23
Apr. 6
Apr. 20

Starting dates for the 5 Day Visits

Mar. 27
Apr. 24
May. 22
June 19
July 24
Aug. 28
Sept. 18

Contact us for information and reservations!


Creative day in Aminé program!

What is Spiritual Physics?

It’s an exploration of the laws that regulate the secret life of the universe and the magical reality that we move through in daily life. One of the most fascinating areas is time research, exploring the nature of the “time territory” we can move through in non-linear ways, the “time kingdom” where parallel branches develop and time flows differently, and “time seeds” to orient the flow of events, initiate new sequences and modify the effects of the past on the present. It is even possible to hypothesize a theory about time travel!

Join the Spiritual Physics course at the Damanhur University January 30-31 to understand more about the true nature of time, and also magical technology, reincarnation, cosmogenesis and more!


Spiritual Physics, 30 – 31
Mystery School 1st year intensive, 30 – Feb 13


Metratura, 6 – 7
Voice, Sound and Silence, 13 – 14
Past Lives 5th level, 13 – 14
Past Lives 1st to 4th level, 27 – 28


Sacred Dance, 5 – 6
Basic Course in Damanhurian Art , 19 – 20
Basic Course in Alchemy, 19 – 20
Alchemy School first year intensive, 19 – April 3
Contact with the Cosmos, 19 – 20
The Ways of the Dream, 26 – 17


Learning to Guide the Emotions, 2 – 3
Color Therapy School intensive, 9 – 15
Past Lives 1st to 4th level, 23 – 24
Ancient Civilizations and Pre-Atlantis History, 23 – 24
Spiritual Healers School 1st year intensive , 23 – May 7

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Damanhur in the World



Annweiler, 23. Januar: Vortrag: Synchronizität
Syke-Leerßen, 29. Januar: Vergangene Leben
Syke-Leerßen, 30./31. Januar: Kurs: Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit
Neustadt Eisch, 19. Februar: Vortrag: Atlantis
Neustadt Eisch, 20./21. Februar: Vergangene Leben
Maxen bei Dresden, 4. März, Vortrag: Damanhur – Stadt des Lichts
München, 2./3. Abril: Die Kunst des aktiven Träumens
Syke-Leerßen, 9./10. April, Vergangene Leben
Queichhambach, 30. April/1. Mai: Vergangene Leben
Heimsheim, 4. Mai: Vortrag: Astralreisen
Heimsheim, 4./5. Mai: Seminar Astralreisen 1


Wien, 15. Januar: In Stimmung kommen und stimmig werden
Wien, 16./17. Januar: Innere Harmonisierung


Pfäffikon, 9. Januar: Kurs: Der Weg der Spirituellen Freiheit
Bäretswil, 13./14. Februar: Vergangene Leben
Pfäffikon, 7. Mai, Weg der spirituellen Freiheit 2


Madrid, 20-21 febrero: Curso: Camino de libertad espiritual: La alegría, atributo de lo masculino
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 15 abril: Conferencia: Damanhur, ciudad de luz y sus Templos de la Humanidad
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 16-17 abril: Curso: Investigación en vidas pasadas


Oslo, 13.-14. februar: Ale meij – Bli din egen kunstner


Oosterbeek, Jan. 16 Bral Talej Readings
Oosterbeek, Jan 22. An introduction to Damanhur
Oosterbeek, Jan. 23-24 Path to Spiritual Freedom
Veerhuis te Varik, Feb. 12 An introduction to Damanhur
Oosterbeek, March 12-13. Past Lives


Grass Valley, California

Jan. 16-26, 2016 – Mystery School
Year 2 Intensive
Visit Agency of Creation

Boulder, Colorado

Jan 23-24 Path to Spiritual Freedom
March 12-13 Ancient Civilizations III
March 15-16 Inner Harmonization III
March 19-20 Past Lives Research I – IV
July 9-23 Mystery School Year 1
August 10-21 Mystery School Year 2
Visit Damanhur Colorado or contact us

Sarasota, Florida

Feb 27-28 The Dream Path

Atlanta, Georgia

March 19-20 Past Lives Research

Lake Lure, North Carolina

April 9-10 Past Lives Research


Narara Eco Living Network, NSW

Feb 6 Damanhur a laboratory for the new world
Feb 7 Path to Spiritual Freedom

Perth, WA

Feb 24 Introducing Damanhur
Feb 26-28 Inner Research
Feb 29 Synchronic Lines
Mar 1-3 Forming Communities
Mar 5 Music of the Plants and Power of the Elements

Spiral in Croatia

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