Stargazing Underwater: Yasmin Nammu dances at Damanhur

Aug 24, 12 Stargazing Underwater: Yasmin Nammu dances at Damanhur

I found this video of our beautiful Brazilian dancer friend Yasmin Nammu performing during the Art di Chy Festival at Damanhur in July of 2006. The show is called “Stargazing Underwater,” with visuals by Jody Marcos for the Orchestra do Mundo Project.

Seeing the video brings back happy memories of the time Yasmin came back to Damanhur and guided us in the powerful, sacred, and feminine dance style that she has developed in Brazil and performed all over the world. A truly strong and enchanting woman – I can sense that for her, dance is a way of being, not just an activity. You can connect with Yasmin and her activities on Facebook.

Yasmin was curious to explore more about Damanhurian Sacred Dance, and she had the chance to exchange skills and experiences with those of us who practice this ritual dance at Damanhur.