Damanhur in Australia: Update from the Road

Mar 22, 13 Damanhur in Australia: Update from the Road

Damanhurian Ambassadors are currently in Australia with Veritas Magazine on the Mysteries of Damanhur tour. Our friends at Veritas share the feedback after the first weekend of classes:

The Astral Travel Weekend Workshop with Crotalo Sesamo in Melbourne was positively mind-blowing! Attendees raved over Crotalo’s knowledge and delivery of the event. Their experiences over the weekend were extraordinary and we look forward to hearing of similar experiences on the Gold Coast this weekend and in Sydney the next! Read some of the attendee comments below and book your tickets now! www.mysteriesofdamanhur.com

These workshops that have been nothing short of transformational for everyone who has attended. The Melbourne leg of the tour is now complete and the Gold Coast commences tonight with weekend workshops tomorrow and Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday night – then we are off to Sydney for the final leg of the tour.

Astral Travel CourseDon’t miss this incredible experience to learn the mystery school teachings of Damanhur. Here is some of what people have been saying:-

‘Crotalo’s humour, delivery & professionalism and his conduct of this workshop was AWESOME!’ His simple & ‘uncluttered’ explanation of what can be complex esoteric knowledge is refreshing. A memorable experience – thank you.’ Christine Papageorgiou

‘I did an Astral Travel course 5 years ago and paid $900 for a 12 week course, and I can tell you that I learnt more practically and conceptually about Astral Travel in this 2 day workshop than in the entire 12 week course I did years ago. I even had an amazing experience on the final day where my body was vibrating and felt like it was levitating. So powerful and Crotalo is a great teacher.’ BC

‘I felt truly transformed! Just magnificent! Brilliant! I really loved it’ – Anna Gilopidis

‘A good balance between input and practice, helpful analogies (ie. learning to drive a car) and Croatlo inspires confidence for undertaking the astral journey.’ Carol Dyer

‘I would recommend this session for those wishing to expand on the knowledge of astral travel and learning the techniques and methods to understanding this wonderful journey, and assisting them to continue on their spiritual path’ Stavroula Armatas

‘Crotalo was an excellent presenter! Can’t wait to take my new tools home and practice. A great help in the next step of my spiritual journey. Thank you and can’t wait to visit…one day!’ Kelly Jafer

‘Crotalo gives an interesting and informative look into astral travel, from a highly informed position. My understanding of astral travel is how to access it and how it can be used has increased greatly, and I feel confident I will continue to improve as I practice the techniques I learned from Crotalo. See you on the astral plane!’ Bryer Drago

‘I was absolutely blown away with the depth of the spiritual learning and experience. As a more ‘advanced’ energetic practitioner I can confidently say that this workshop taught me more again and expanded my abilities and perception yet again. Profound for both beginner and advanced people alike’ Helen Paige

‘I had read a few books on astral travel and had experimented with it earlier on but to be shown by Crotalo Sesamo who has passed on his knowledge has given me confidence in being able to follow through on my own. Thank you ‘ Racheal Lowe

‘Before this program I knew nothing of astral travel. I now have a much greater understanding. Crotalo’s explanation and depth of knowledge was much appreciated by me. Anyone working to know more about and how to experience astral travel, I recommend attending Crotalo’s program.’ Leon Beaton

Coming up next, Gold Coast and Sydney. More information about the course schedule can be found here.

If you would like more information about Damanhur in your city, visit Damanhur in the World.