Travel Tips for Astral Adventure

Feb 05, 14 Travel Tips for Astral Adventure

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Of all the classes I’ve taken at the Damanhur University, Astral Travel is one of the most special ones to me.

I came to Damanhur for the first time in August 2007 for the Summer Special Program, a three-day showcase of Damanhur’s fields of magical research, and there was an optional Astral Travel course at the end of the program, which I had planned on taking. The day after I arrived in Damanhur, I was already overwhelmed with energy and amazement, then I got news that my grandfather had died (he was 96 years old and living in Kaohsiung Taiwan). So, I skipped the Astral Travel portion of lotusthe program and got on a plane from Milan to Taiwan (which was 24 hours of *physical* traveling at least) to join my family folding origami lotus flowers as burnt offerings for my grandfather’s funeral.

Synchronicity was taking care of things though. During the Summer Special Program, I heard that the Damanhur University was starting a brand new three-year program of esoteric study and spiritual investigation called ‘Mystery School‘ (organized in intensive 10-day sessions for international participants). And, by chance, the first class of the program’s first year was… Astral Travel. So, I went back to Damanhur three months later to begin the Mystery School, which was basically a school for becoming a magician with spiritual vision. It was only the first in a series of absolutely unforgettable adventures at Damanhur that I’ve had since then.

I remember and still practice some of the highly effective techniques for astral traveling that I learned, which are best experimented within a context of full instruction and learning, like an Astral Travel course. Just to give you an idea:

Lie down on a bed in a completely darkened room with your head facing north, wear loose clothing, be comfortable, take off metals and don’t let animals in the room.

Breathe slowly and deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth, relaxing and envisioning a blue wave that begins at the astral travel selffeet and engulfs the entire body…

There are some magical tools that can support the process. One is this special Selfica device for astral travel. There are special tracing patterns too and Selfic jewelry pieces. Sounds and music.

Looking back to that first Astral Travel course at Damanhur and how far I’ve come in these years of spiritual exploration and growth, I feel so grateful for that first experience which opened a new world of possibility and reality. Astral Travel can be studied at Damanhur as part of the Mystery School, though you can also do it as a single course both at Damanhur and in various cities around the world. If you want to know about international Astral Travel courses and other Damanhur events in the world, click here to stay informed.



Do you have any techniques for astral traveling that you find to be effective? Comment below!




  1. I usually fast before astral traveling and it really helps to get me on the right wavelength.

    • Hi Doug! Yes, a short period of fasting or even just eating light can support astral traveling and clear dreaming. Thanks for contributing your thoughts! Con te.

  2. Nikolas /

    Hi I have been conciously astral traveling for many years and can do it very effectively by using a set of wands similar to what the Pharaohs used I have range of them and use the set that is appropiate to what i wish to achieve on a particular trip. On my first visit to Damanhur many years ago i had a set with me when visiting the temple to humanity and while we were meditating I took the opportunity to go back to Atlantis this resulted in Falco wishing to have a meeting with me where we communicated telepathically and where I found we had a lot in common with each other.

  3. Aneta /

    Hello 🙂
    I dabbled in astral traveling, it came quite naturally to me. It’s been years since my last trip, so to speak, and it almost coincides with the time I began living with my cat, who usually sleeps near me. So, I would be grateful if someone could share an explanation for why animals should not be in the room when astral travelling.


    • Hi Aneta, thanks for writing! Actually, it is specifically with cats that there is concern, because they are very sensitive and can perceive the movement of the subtle bodies, so if you are astral traveling with a cat in the room, the cat could react to this and disturb the process. So, it’s best if they are not present. Hope this is helpful! con te!