An evening with Anansal

Aug 06, 13 An evening with Anansal

For many years Falco has been sharing stories and teachings in Sacred Language through theatre. The teachingss for the audience come through the sounds and rhythms, as well as through the plot. The theatre in Damanhur is a ritual designed to move something inside of the audience, to create a shift in awareness and awakening.

On Saturday 22nd June Damanhurians performed the ancient Poem of Anansal for only the second time in 20 years. The entirety of the cast and crew were composed of Damanhurians including the actors, dancers, band and choir.

The Poem of Anansal, as it is known today, is a part of a wider text that tells the epic story of the hero Anansal. He represents the entirety of Humanity incarnated on this planet, fighting in order to re-gain the divine spark, facing different challenges and various enemies, both physical and non physical. Anansal is the symbol of the pure and ancient wisdom of humanity. The plot is many thousand of years ago and jumps from one point in time to another, spanning a long period of time. The described episodes come from different eras. Contained within the script is  esoteric information and knowledge. The major part of the Poem known to us was given by Falco to Damanhurians in 1987 during the first course of Sacred Language, the original language of the text, and was then translated into Italian.

The chapters of the Poem represented in this Opera are:IMG_6585

The Introduction – which provides the proper context and premise of this opera, and also provides important spiritual information;

The central part of the Poem – in where young Anansal fights against the enemy of Humankind, the enemy that is inside every human being. Anansal defeats the enemy, by first moving on the astral level and them becoming lighter thanks to the transformation of his own emotions into joy, happiness and love, which he directs towards his enemy destroying him: Anansal becomes his own master;

Anansal in love – where the young woman Setapaa comes into the scene, and is described as the meaning of the connection between the male part and the female part of our race;

The ballad of the flying city – where Anansal predicts the path that the Humankind should take to build a ‘sacred city’

The colours, the music and the collaboration of a community of people dedicated to a spiritual path created a beautiful performance and a memorable evening at a special time in Damanhurian history.


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