A world where people are free, explore community

Nov 12, 13 A world where people are free, explore community

My name is Tami and I came to Damanhur for a few days visit as part of a month long trip in Italy. I come from an intentional community in Tel Aviv. Our main focus is “Urban Ecology” and since I started it in 2006, our work has been focused on spreading the message that a different life is indeed possible – in the city! We live in a demonstrational apartment on the third floor of a nice building in the very heart of Tel Aviv, and we open it to anybody who wants to start living a more sustainability-oriented life.

In the last year, a core group started a shared life living in a communal setting, experimenting a new way of being. If you want to know more, you can read more about City Tree.

My trip to Italy, especially after spending a couple of days with the great people of Dendera, I learned an important lesson about being a guest and about being a host. Now that I am back in Tel Aviv, I am looking at CityTree from a new angle.קרם גוף טבעי

Although much younger and really at the first stage of development (we just celebrated our 7th birthday), CityTree is like Damanhur in one important aspect: we are running a space in which people can come and taste what life can be like for them if they make a choice. We let people sense real life that is completely different than what they know as “life.”

After a few days with us, a person might make some new choices and change the way they live, and this is the best that we can do, I believe.

I envision a world where people are free to go as their wish and explore different communities until they find the one that is “home” for them. In this world the communities are all hospitable and are within a one-day walking distance from each other. In each place , here is a great welcome center with a world map of all the communities. DSC09569

I know that there are maps like that already and that there are many many places already experiencing and demonstrating different models. I would like to add CityTree to that map so that when people come to visit Israel, they know there is a place where composting is not a question and so is healthy food and the flow of love.

So Damanhur: thank you for the enlightenment, the air, the water, the beautiful food from the soil and the fire in your eyes.




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