Oracle for Damanhur, November 2014

Nov 09, 14 Oracle for Damanhur, November 2014

teco_spiritual_vision copySPIRITUAL VISION SPECIAL




The closeness of the Three Worlds
leads you to change in velocity.
In dreams, visit the Allied Worlds.
They visit yours.
Fight together to free humanity.
Soldiers you are, on this planet.
Remember it
renewing your ancient commitment.
In every instant, live the dream
with a smile and positive thinking applied.
With renovated
refined new theurgic magic
reveal yourselves to wider assemblies
to ignite and engage.
Much love in everyone is arriving.
Love shows you the Way.
From young initiates,
welcome the renewal.


full moon time

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  1. You’ve got to let love rule!

    • Yes! Music is such a powerful way to convey this message. Thanks for sharing! con te, Terra.