5 real climate change solutions

Dec 05, 15 5 real climate change solutions

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Talks of climate change proceed, though are the plans and commitments enough to change the trend of global warming? Michael Heng presents the 5 Takeaways from the UN Climate Change Summit 2015, which are key objectives to truly reverse the trends of climate change and guarantee a sustainable environment for future life on Earth.

Michael writes…

Many countries have submitted national pledges to cut carbon emissions ahead of COP21, the Paris 2015 UN Climate Change Summit. Unfortunately, the collective commitment is simply “too little, too late…” The truth is it is not enough to prevent dangerous warming. Radical mindset changes in strategic and planning paradigms are needed… The 2015 Paris Meeting hopes to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on containing climate change, specifically by keeping global warming below 2°C.

1. Global Climate Leadership

An Eminent Group of World Climate Leaders (EGWCL) should emerge at COP21. They are thought-leaders who set examples for themselves through personal examples and innovative thinking which are evident in their own countries.

2. Corporate Responsibility and Accountability

A “Law of the Climate Convention” (LOCC) shall direct international efforts to make fossil fuel history by defining the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of non-renewable skyfossil-based energy, establishing renewable energy guidelines for businesses, the environment, and the management of natural productive resources.

3. Make Fossil Fuel History

Sweden has recently announced her goal to be among the first nations in the world to end its dependence on fossil fuels. Sweden already makes two-thirds of its electricity from non-fossil energy sources. COP21 should make the battle-cry “Make Fossil Fuels History” its very own.

4. Funds for Measurable Action

COP21 should define and articulate an empowering agenda for monitoring and measuring national climate change initiatives and performances. It is not aimed at regulation and control but at procuring and directing funds from various international funding agencies to support and drive worthy national efforts like Sweden towards ultimate climate change victories.

5. Create a Commons Agency to Win the Climate War

COP21 should create a Commons Agency for the War on Climate Change. The Commons Agency would mobilize millions of ordinary people passionate about preserving earth and build an equitable and just society, powered by civil society, Internet initiatives, social media and our own citizenry.


Play your part. Share this with your followings via whatever social media so as to reach your Influencers attending COP21 so that we, the Commons, can assure and affirm the successful achievements of the 5 critical goals of COP21.

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Michael HengAbout Michael Heng

  • Director and Principal Consultant at PeopleWorldwide Consulting
  • Former Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University
  • CSR Leadership Award 2012 in recognition of contributions to the community
  • Active in grassroots participation and community service for the past 30+ years
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Singapore and the London School of Economics