Is it possible to detach from the body with the soul?

Jan 21, 13 Is it possible to detach from the body with the soul?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

Iside (8th grade): Is it possible to detach from the body with the soul, not as a dead person, and not while asleep, to be able to explore reality through the eyes of the soul, different eyes, not conditioned by other things?

Falco: Yes you can, it is a very interesting technique with a series of rules so that it can work. First of all, when a person tries to astral travel, lying down on the bed and getting ready (there are some exercises for doing it), one must get past the fear that sometimes comes: because if the person is taken by fear in that moment, “Ah, I’m leaving the body!” Is it possible that for some time, you cannot do it again, sometimes for years, because that fear binds you and stops you from moving forward with this. It’s a very nice technique, also because you can easily realize that the body is something that hosts us. We are not the whole machine, but rather we’re something that is inside this machine. And so, it gives a lot of strength when you succeed in doing it right. Then, you can travel around, and if you learn to do it well, you can also interact with the physical world, see things, which you may then encounter when you’re awake, if it’s really like that. The only problem is that of fear.


  1. Jeni Kendell /

    Very interesting Falco. I used to astral travel from my earliest memories maybe 3. It started when my older brother and me used to walk to this cliff as kids and there was this broken glass there and I saw the rainbows come off the glass and then when I went to bed at night I would take myself back there and travel with the rainbow. I became very good at it and could decide before sleep where I would go to – like Superman. Very nice indeed and adventurous. Finally one night when I was about 13 I got a visit when I was still half awake from the grim reaper – death – a man with a bruised aura in a hood etc. He came and sat on my bed and I was very frightened. He was somehow trying to seduce me by reciting poetry and I tried to sort of look at him and recite more beautiful poetry back to him and finally after about 20 minutes he left. I have never had the astral travel since that night and so will look at the fear that man placed inside me. Thank you for naming it. Keep up your amazing work. Jeni

    • Thanks for sharing your story Jeni. Now that you are aware of the fear, we hope that you once again take flight. Please tell us of your adventures when you do. Con te

  2. Amanda /

    I’m not sure if this is astral traveling but since I could remember I could look into a mirror and really focus on in my face and for almost as long as 30 seconds I could feel like I was out of my body and someone else(my true self) and I haven’t done this for many years because of my fear of feeling like that forever. Is this astral traveling?

    • There are many different kinds of experiences of perception outside of the body, and this sounds like one of them! Astral Traveling is consciously leaving the body to journey into the astral realms for a period of time. It is different though sounds like your experience is related. Con te!