Dream big, celebrate big

Feb 13, 15 Dream big, celebrate big

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Damanhur is an extremely hard-working place, like a lot of communities that have lasted through time. Sometimes our friends and visitors ask us if we work too much, if it’s too hard, busy or overwhelming. Well, it does take a lot of time, energy and will power to keep building and sustaining all that Damanhur does, although there is great joy in doing everything we do. One of the keys to keep ourselves going is the important ‘celebration’ phase of manifesting dreams, as emphasized in the Dragon Dreaming process.

Whether it is having a toast or a special dinner when a big achievement is complete or ritually acknowledging our community achievements at the end of the month, we appreciate the work that has been done and give thanks for it. And this energy of gratitude fuels the next wave of action.

At Damanhur Crea on Saturday, January 31st we celebrated all the achievements of the most recent Epagomenoi period with live music, singing and dance. Ines opened with a meditative gong performance, then Damanhur musicians led RIORMA (mantra) singing and chanting. Verdesca and Tasso Peperone of the group Jester Soul performed a few of their newest songs in a way that we could all sing along. A Sacred Dance session was led by Ara Caprifoglio, and there were also DJ sets inspiring moments of liberating free dance. All the whiles, images were shown of many projects and events concluded in the Epagomenoi days, in the various sectors and nucleo communities of Damanhur.

Here are some of the rhythms and moments of the evening…

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